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Truck Accidents Archives

Federal trucking regulations will not require sleep apnea testing

Trucks are often seen on the roads in Worcester and throughout Massachusetts. With their prominent place in the landscape, it is easy to forget how dangerous these large vehicles can be. There is an inherent trust placed in the truck companies, the drivers and the federal government to make certain that these vehicles are operated safely. Part of that goes beyond simply adhering to the traffic laws and involves health issues of the drivers. When there is an accident, it is imperative to know if it was due to truck driver fatigue or a violation of federal trucking regulations.

Man dies in Massachusetts garbage truck accident while in yard

Large trucks can be an intimidating sight in Massachusetts, and people must be cognizant of their presence on the road. When there is a truck accident, the sheer size of these vehicles can lead to serious injuries and death.

17-mile backup after Massachusetts truck accident

Accidents involving trucks can quickly spiral out of control. What starts as a two-vehicle accident can quickly evolve into a multiple-vehicle disaster. Semi-trucks weigh many hundreds of pounds and travel at great speeds, creating a deadly force. When something goes wrong, a truck accident can involve many vehicles and result in many injuries.

Collecting necessary compensation following a truck crash

Motorists in Massachusetts share the roads with a variety of vehicles. While this is commonplace, it is not always easy for drivers to share the road with large commercial trucks. While semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are necessary vehicles to get goods and shipments to and from their intended destinations, it is often difficult to reduce negligent truck drivers on the roads and thus reduce and prevent truck accidents.

Distracted truck drivers and the risks and dangers they pose

As a previous post highlighted, distracted driving is a serious problem on roadways in Massachusetts and elsewhere. While this form of reckless driving is the cause of millions of car accidents each year, it is also the cause of serious truck accidents throughout the nation. While federal trucking regulations are passed to reduce and even penalize distracted truck drivers, this unfortunately does not prevent these types of collisions from occurring.

Three common causes of truck accidents during the winter season

During the holidays, motorists in Massachusetts and elsewhere see an increase of travelers on the roadways. This is not only because of residents traveling to and from family and holiday gatherings but also because of the influx of commercial trucks transporting goods across the nation. Because most residents purchase gifts online, it is likely that companies across the nation are trying to keep up with this demand. Additionally, these companies are trying to make their deadlines, getting their shipments to their destinations on time, despite the traffic and weather that might cause delays.

Helping you hold a negligent trucker liable for a crash

It is difficult to miss large commercial trucks traveling on roadways in Massachusetts and other states. Their massive size, and sounds they exert, cause their presence on the roads to be very obvious; however, motorists are very comfortable traveling with these towering vehicles. So comfortable, in fact, that they will travel in the vicinity of several tractor-trailer trucks or semi-trucks without hesitation. Although it is commonplace to share the road with commercial trucks, it is unfortunately not always a safe commute traveling next to one.

How does the government prevent trucking regulation violations?

Large trucks in Massachusetts and other states across the nation are heavily depended on by individuals, businesses and major companies to make a variety of shipments. And while intrastate and interstate commerce relies on semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks to make these shipments on a timely schedule, these massive vehicles do pose a wide range of risks to other motorists on the roadway.

Who is to blame in the case of wrongful death?

Worcester was rocked on July 14 when 81-year-old Patricia LeMay was killed in what police called a "tragic accident." LeMay was out taking her morning walk on a side street in her neighborhood when an asphalt truck working on a driveway-paving job knocked her down, pinned her underneath and dragged her for 30 feet. LeMay was announced dead at the scene.

Future of safety technology for the trucking industry

Technology is often used to improve and enhance certain industries. With the trucking industry, advancements in technology could serve to better improve truck safety. These large vehicles travel long distance through Massachusetts and other states across the nation, and motorists throughout the country understand the dangers that semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks could pose on roadways. These massive vehicles do not maneuver the same way as smaller automobiles, making it critical to continue the advancement of truck safety technology.

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