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Drunk Driver Accidents Archives

Avoid being victimized by a drunk driver in Massachusetts

The weather was finally turning around and the forecast called for a clear weekend, cold but sunny. Sunday would be a good day to take the bike out for a nice afternoon ride. You did your maintenance checks on Saturday and topped off the gas tank. While everyone else would be inside watching the Super Bowl, you would be cruising through the countryside.

Driving while high: What's the real risk?

As the use of marijuana gains greater acceptance across America, serious questions need to be asked, such as, "How dangerous is it to drive while high on marijuana?" Unfortunately, at this point, the research on how much marijuana use impairs one's ability to drive is limited. But, one thing is clear: Using marijuana before you get behind the wheel does impair your ability to drive.

Drunk driving statistics for young people are sobering

According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration, 28 people die every day because of drunk driving. The numbers of individuals injured in such accidents is much higher. The NHSTA calculated that costs for alcohol-impaired motor vehicle accidents exceed $199 billion per year across the United States.

Massachusetts State Police Escape Injury in Drunk Driving Accidents

Late last month, two separate car accidents on the same day almost had serious consequences for two Massachusetts State Police officers. In both cases, the driver who caused the motor vehicle accident is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Massachusetts Crash Shows Just How Dangerous Texting and Drunk Driving Is

There is no question that drunk driving has led to the injuries and deaths of thousands of innocent victims - so, too, has texting and other distracted driving practices. Unfortunately, sometimes both alcohol and texting jointly lead to severe accidents. This dangerous combination was illustrated recently when Massachusetts law enforcement responded to an accident allegedly caused by a texting drunk driver. Apparently with senses and reflexes dulled, the distraction of texting drew the driver's last bits of attention away from the road leaving an innocent woman injured.

Fatal Worcester Car Accident Kills Woman, Drunk Driving Suspected

A horrific three-vehicle accident claimed the life of a Millbury woman late last Friday night. The fatal crash resulted in the arraignment of a Sutton man charged with motor vehicle homicide.

Tragic Drunk Driving Crash in Somerville Claims Two Girls' Lives

A recent drunk driving accident outside of Boston left two teenage girls dead and forever changed the lives of many people. The accident occurred at 3:30 a.m., when the driver, Kenneth Belew, 21, apparently lost control of his vehicle and crashed on the McGrath Highway overpass. A total of 6 teens and young adults were in the car, heading to a McDonald's restaurant after a night of drinking.

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