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Consulting a lawyer is critical after Massachusetts bus accidents

Buses are an integral part of life in Massachusetts. They transport people back and forth to work and school every day. Children ride school buses and city buses. Drivers in conventional vehicles must be completely aware of these large vehicles and that they make frequent stops and starts. While most buses are operated safely and the drivers go about their business without incident, it is unavoidable that there will be accidents.

Failure to stop leads to trolley crashing into second trolley

Many residents of Massachusetts use the public transportation system to get around. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to do so. In general, it is also safe. However, there are times when there is an accident with one of these vehicles. These can be bus accidents, train accidents, and trolley accidents. One of the reasons this can happen is due to a failure to stop. When there is any kind of crash with a public transportation vehicle and passengers suffer injuries, it is imperative to understand the steps to take to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Cause unknown of recent school bus accident that injured five

We see them on the roads all the time and we often smile, remembering our own childhood -- yellow school buses transporting children in Massachusetts to and from school bring back memories of our youth and the fun that we had. While we explicitly trust these school buses to transport our children, the reality is that they are big, unwieldy vehicles that require skill and agility to maneuver. And, when that skill is lacking, a bus accident can result.

A look at bus accident lawsuits

Many Massachusetts residents prefer to take the bus to work. For many, it is a convenient solution that can help them save money. Buses also allow people to not have to worry about driving and all of the hassles that can come with owning a car. Many, too, may consider buses to be a safer alternative to other forms of transport.

Understanding school bus safety and the rate of bus accidents

During the school year, motorists of all ages can see the iconic yellow bus traveling on the roadways each morning and afternoon during the weekdays. Many families in Massachusetts rely on a school bus to get their child to and from school safely and efficiently. Throughout the country, roughly 450,000 public school buses are utilized each year to transport approximately 23.5 million students to a from school and school-related activities.

Exploring the duties of common carriers following a bus accident

For some Massachusetts residents, riding on a bus is commonplace. This form of public transportation is not only reliable but also efficient and environmentally friendly. And, while buses are able to transport a large number of passengers at one time, this also places numerous people at risk if a bus driver is not driving safely, is distracted or is negligent behind the wheel.

Would seatbelts on school buses reduce injuries in a crash?

For most Massachusetts parents, school buses are relied on during the school year to get their children to and from school safely. These large yellow vehicles allow for a large amount of students to be timely transported between their home and school every school day; however, many question the capabilities of a school bus keep children passengers safe.

Current crash data for commercial bus crashes

Whether people rely on a bus to run errands, get to and from work or to take their children between school and home, these large vehicles are viewed as an efficient way to transport numerous passengers at one time. While many residents in Massachusetts will ride on buses as a regular form of transportation, these vehicles are still subject to the same safety concerns any motor vehicle is. Even more so, the large size of buses and their lack of safety restraints, in most cases, are likely to result in serious injuries for the passengers if a bus crash ensues.

Holding a negligent bus driver liable following a crash

For some, buses are a very reliable and necessary form of transportation. Whether you are taking a bus to and from school, for tourism or your daily commute, these large vehicles have the ability to transport numerous passengers to and from several destinations. While this can be an environmentally conscious and effective way to transport a large amount of passengers on roadways in Massachusetts and elsewhere, it unfortunately is not always a safe method of transportation.

Fatal school bus accidents are considered rare

While school age students in Massachusetts have been out of school for a few weeks now, they might be attending summer school. Therefore, parents still rely on a school bus to get their children to and from their home. While this is an effective mode of transportation, a school bus does present a child with various potential risks. For example, a child could get injured while getting on or off the bus. Furthermore, a school bus accident could put the passengers at risk of serious injuries. This is especially true if the bus has no seatbelts for the children.

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