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Mild brain injuries can be major problems for professionals

Whether suffered in a car accident, a sports collision, a slip and fall accident or some other circumstance, any significant blow to the head can result in a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Mild TBIs are surprisingly versatile injuries, which can bring with them a host of symptoms that the victim and his or her community may not recognize if they;re unaware that an injury occurred in the first place.

Always get a professional examination after a car accident

Surviving a car accident, even one that you think is relatively mild, may mean that you have injuries that you cannot feel for some time afterward. This is common, but some of the injuries you may suffer are quite serious, even if they are not yet painful.

Car insurance implications in Massachusetts

If you have been involved in a car accident in Massachusetts, whether you are a resident or live in another state, it is vital that you understand how the law works. There will be many administrative actions that you will have to take care of in the wake of the accident. One of these will involve your can insurance.

Exhaustion and fatigue can lead to commercial truck crashes

People who drive commercial trucks do not have easy jobs. They often have to help load and unload their vehicles. They drive many hours straight, with very little outside interaction. No matter what the road conditions or weather is like, their employers or clients still expect on-time deliveries. That can lead truck drivers to make questionable choices that put other people on the road in unnecessary danger.

Dram shop laws help victims after a drunk driving crash

Drunk driving continues to be a serious issue in Massachusetts and across the United States. Far too many people make the bad decision to get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Adult drunk drivers often face criminal charges and lawsuits if they cause an accident while under the influence. However, many times, these individuals end up convicted and unable to compensate the victims of their bad decisions.

An accident with an underinsured driver is a financial nightmare

When you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, there's an inherent risk involved. In fact, accident rates seem to keep increasing. In order to offset the financial implications of a potential accident or mistake behind the wheel, drivers in Massachusetts must have an active insurance policy that covers their vehicles and the damage they could cause.

Tips to help you reduce the risk of a winter vehicle crash

Even in the best of weather, driving is a risky task. Massachusetts has recently seen an increase in fatal motor vehicle crashes. When snow and ice cover the streets, the potential for a severe collision or crash typically increases.

Your step-by-step car accident action plan

In the moments following a serious auto accident, you're going to be frazzled, in shock, nervous and dealing with a host of other emotions as you try to navigate the accident scene. Being in such a state could prevent you from making wise choices, but having an action plan will prevent you from making a mistake regarding the important things to which you must attend.

Recovering from broken bones: The stages to know

When you suffered an injury, you knew immediately that a bone was broken. It stung sharply like a bee string and the area became swollen and discolored in just a few minutes. Millions of fractures take place every year all around the world. While most recover without complications, they still cause trouble for those suffering from them at least for a little while.

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