Worcester seeks public’s help as it decides on speed limits

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One of the most common causes of traffic accidents in Massachusetts is speeding. Worcester authorities are trying to fight this problem by imposing new speed limits. As the City Council Traffic and Parking Committee considers options, drivers need to know how dangerous speeding really is.

Numbers show the danger of speeding

Given the numbers regarding the dangers of speeding, it is no surprise that reducing the speed limit is a strategy being strongly considered. Recent comprehensive statistics from the National Safety Council show that speeding was a factor in almost one in three road deaths for 2022.

When assessing speeding and its role, researchers looked at all circumstances including the road and weather conditions; if the driver was racing; and if the speed limit was exceeded. While there was a nearly 3% reduction in speed-related fatalities for that year when compared to the prior year, it remains a major challenge.

Driver age and gender were also important in whether they chose to speed. Males from 15 to 20 and 21 to 24 were found to have the greatest propensity to speed when there was a fatal accident. Thirty-two percent of males who fell in these age ranges and had a fatal crash were found to have been speeding.

Worcester will have a survey for residents to give their opinion on lowering the speed limit to 25 miles per hour from its current 30 mph. For areas considered “sensitive,” it would be 20 mph. Sensitive areas would be where young people congregate like parks, schools and daycare centers.

Given the local statistics, the hope is that a lower speed limit will prevent accidents and road deaths. MassDOT says that the past 10 years have shown Worcester to have a safety problem on its roads with 872 people seriously hurt and 91 losing their lives in collisions.

A lowered speed limit would not eliminate all accidents

Although reducing the local speed limits could have a positive impact on safety, people will still be unfortunate enough to be injured and lose their lives in auto accidents. No matter the cause, people will face challenges in the aftermath. Medical care, lost income, medical costs, long-term damage and the need to get over losing a loved one are all issues that arise. There are strategies to ensure people make as full a recovery as possible. Knowing what steps to take is essential.


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