What are the most common types of workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

Workers in all industries in Massachusetts can experience on-the-job accidents. Certain injuries are common after such unfortunate incidents.

Repetitive motion injuries

Although not caused by workplace accidents, repetitive motion injuries can affect workers who perform the same movements over and over. Employees who sit in front of a computer for 7 to 8 hours per day can develop tendonitis or even carpal tunnel syndrome over time. Workers who perform any type of heavy lifting can sustain back or neck strain or sprain. These are soft tissue injuries that can have lasting effects.

Trips, slips and falls

Workers in all types of environments can suffer trips, slips and falls and suffer cuts, bruises, broken bones and much worse injuries such as traumatic brain injury or those affecting the spinal cord. When floors or stairs are wet and slippery, covered with uneven, tattered carpeting or in disrepair, or if there’s clutter or poor lighting, a person can tumble and suffer injuries.

Vehicle accidents

Some workers drive as part of their jobs, which increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. However, certain professions like construction can also raise the risk of workers getting struck by a vehicle while on a site. These accidents can lead to severe injuries, but they are often avoidable.

Machinery-related accidents

Working with heavy machinery always increases the risk of an accident. If workers don’t pay full attention or are inexperienced in using such equipment, it could lead to a disastrous situation of being struck or caught. Accidents involving machinery can result in amputations, blindness or even death.


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