Truck accidents vs. car crashes

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Defensive drivers are the type of motorists who want to avoid accidents on Massachusetts roads. A closer view of accident statistics shows that differences exist between various vehicles regarding collisions. For example, accident data examining pickup trucks versus cars shows unique elements. Reviewing those statistics could help road users avoid accidents.

Pickup trucks vs. cars

Research indicates pickup trucks can be more dangerous for drivers and passengers. Of the many different trims, light-duty models might be less safe than heavy ones. The IIHS lists few pickup trucks under its top safety picks, and pickup trucks have a greater rollover risk than cars.

Cars come with risks, as CDC injury stats note 3 million people suffer injuries in car accidents annually. More than 36,000 motor vehicle crashes result in fatalities, with nearly 7,700 involving pedestrians.

A vehicle’s design is not the only factor contributing to a crash. Often, the driver’s behavior leads to fatal and injuries accidents, such as speeding and committing other moving violations. Drivers and passengers might not wear their seatbelts, which puts them at risk. So, safer driving practices could cut down on harm.

Dangerous driving

Dangerous and reckless behavior takes many forms. Data suggests many pickup truck owners overload their vehicles with too many passengers. That decision may increase the potential for distractions and put the passengers at a greater injury risk if an accident happens.

Driving older vehicles also comes with concerns since older models lack modern safety features. That said, an overreliance on safety technology sometimes leads to drivers paying less attention to the road. Blind spot monitors do not remove a driver’s responsibility to look before changing lanes.

Both cars and pickup trucks can become involved in accidents, but trucks appear more dangerous. Driver behavior is a frequent reason why accidents happen, and a motorist’s actions might result in a lawsuit.


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