Protecting against head injuries at work

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A blow to the head may result in a concussion, chronic headaches or other maladies that might impact your ability to work or otherwise lead a normal life. This is why Massachusetts employers are required to take reasonable steps to protect workers against hazards that might contribute to head injuries.

Wear your hard hat

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid a head injury is to wear a hard hat. This product is specifically designed to mitigate the force that an object might exert if it were to hit your head. It can also be useful in the event that you fall to the ground as the hat will absorb some of the energy produced upon impact. In addition, having protection may reduce the risk of physical injury to your brain or skull.

Inspect equipment regularly

If your hard hat has any scratches, cracks or other deformities, ask for a new one right away. The same is true if your hard hat or other protective equipment doesn’t fit properly as it could increase the risk of a work accident taking place. It may be possible to refuse to perform a task until you receive functional safety gear without facing termination or other forms of reprisal. This may be true if you have a good faith belief that working without proper safety gear represents an unreasonable risk to your health.

If you experience a head injury while at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This may make it possible to obtain compensation for medical bills and a portion of your lost wages. Ideally, you’ll begin the process of applying for benefits within 24 hours of a workplace accident assuming that you are capable of doing so.


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