What are the most common airbag deployment injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Car Accidents

Airbags are common safety features equipped in vehicles to keep people safe during car accidents. However, Massachusetts residents can sometimes be harmed when airbags deploy. These are the most common injuries sustained when that happens.

Why airbags can cause injuries

You would be hard-pressed to find current vehicles without safety features. Airbags are meant to protect you in the event of a car crash. Unfortunately, not all of these devices are foolproof; some are faulty and can cause injuries when they deploy. In some cases, an airbag can deploy prematurely and cause serious damage.

Airbags are made from light fabrics and are stowed in specific areas in the vehicle. If a car accident occurs, the airbags are supposed to deploy to protect the driver and passenger in the front seat. This happens the vehicle’s crash sensor sends a signal to the airbags.

Injuries caused by airbags

Airbag deployment injuries can affect different parts of the body based on the person’s position and proximity to the airbag. Facial injuries such as cuts and lacerations, contusions and even concussions or facial fractures can occur. Some people can suffer from lung issues due to chemicals being released into the air after airbag deployment.

Neck or eye injuries and sprains to the hands, fingers or wrists can occur when the airbag deploys. Some victims may even lose consciousness or experience hearing loss. Whiplash, bruising on the upper torso, rib fractures and even internal bleeding and internal organ damage can occur.

Other types of injuries victims can sustain from airbag deployment include burns, broken bones and brain swelling. The worst injuries occur when airbags are defective. More serious injuries and even death can occur in that scenario.


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