Steps to take after a scaphoid fracture

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A scaphoid fracture often occurs during a fall or motor vehicle accident. A person may not know that the wrist is broken until the pain or deformity appears. After an auto accident in Massachusetts, there are certain steps that an injured driver or passenger goes through.

Identifying a scaphoid fracture

A scaphoid fracture is a breakage of the scaphoid bone in the wrist. This injury makes it harder to move the wrist joint without severe pain along with swelling and stiffness. A full recovery takes several months.

After an accident

A scaphoid fracture that occurs after a car accident may go unnoticed for weeks. In some people, the only symptom is wrist pain, and they may assume that the problem is a minor sprain. The most experienced doctors have seen many injuries from car accidents and are familiar with the common signs and symptoms.

Diagnosing a fracture accurately is recommended using X-rays and MRI technologies. The scaphoid bone has to be singled out from multiple bones in the wrist and hand. Doctors provide car accident victims with detailed medical reports of the injury, causes, symptoms and treatment plans. Patients include this information as part of the collected evidence in their personal injury lawsuits.

A scaphoid fracture results in a broken wrist that causes pain, swelling and stiffness. This condition often affects people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents. However, they do not always know that the wrist fractures exist until they consult with doctors. Medical professionals can provide documented evidence of scaphoid fractures for later use in personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims.


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