What evidence do you need after a truck accident?

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Massachusetts truck accidents are devastating compared to passenger vehicle accidents. Usually, the car driver has extensive emotional, physical and financial damage. Commercial trucks cause more destruction than two passenger vehicles because of their size. Passenger vehicles in truck accidents should find evidence at the scene as soon as possible.

The accident reports

Gathering evidence is crucial if there are injuries after truck accidents. There are several other pieces of evidence, but the accident report is the first. Police will make an accident report after they arrive at the scene. The driver should get a copy of the accident report for their records. State police can send certified truck inspectors to truck accidents. Inspectors check for any malfunctions in the truck, including low tire treads and overweight loads. Drivers should get a copy of the inspection report as well.

The photos and witness statements

The passenger vehicle driver should get pictures of the accident scene. Pictures of the vehicle damage are a priority. Pictures of the commercial truck and any skid marks on the road are also important. A driver should document any burns, cuts or other injuries from the truck accident. Get the contact information of any witnesses and ask the police to get statements.

Federal drug and alcohol testing and electronic logs

Federal regulations require drug and alcohol testing after a fatality or physical injury from a truck accident. Truck drivers can only work a certain amount of hours without taking breaks. The federal regulations automatically record the information with Electronic Logging Devices. The carrier can check if the truck driver was following the federal regulation.

Truck accident attorneys may draft a spoliation letter to request all evidence of the incident. The evidence available after truck accidents include dispatch instructions, loading dock reports and weigh station reports. The evidence can uncover any negligence from the driver or company.


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