Prevent more workplace injuries this winter

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Workplace Accidents

The holidays are the busiest time of year for shopping. Thousands more drivers and pedestrians will be on the roads, in stores, parking lots and other public places. With more people present, workers in all types of industries in Massachusetts are at an increased risk for accidents and injuries.

Slow down indoors

All workers, especially those who work in retail stores, need to slow down during the holiday season. Most businesses face two or three times more traffic than usual. Running into a person indoors can be just as injurious as running into a moving vehicle. Speeding is one of the most frequent causes of winter injuries next to slips and falls.

Slow down outdoors

Slow down when you see a greater-than-usual amount of traffic. Pay closer attention to pedestrians and vehicles from all angles. You will see more commercial trucks on the road and always need to give them their space. Your workplace may be very busy, but you cannot work at all if you rush straight into a serious roadside accident.

Wear personal protective equipment

Preventing workplace accidents also involves wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This is especially useful during the winter when workers are exposed to the harshest weather conditions. Types of equipment include protective clothing in case of freezing temperatures along with gear to protect the head, hands, knees and other body parts.

Preventing injuries before they occur

It’s not possible to improve the wintry conditions around you to make work safer. Your main goal is to become more cautious about the increased dangers in the workplace and practice a few more safety techniques. Every workplace accident and injury are preventable if you follow the right steps.


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