3 of the most common workplace accidents

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Workers in Massachusetts face all different kinds of hazards, depending on the types of jobs that they do. However, there are certain kinds of accidents that happen regularly in nearly all industries. Here are three of the most common workplace accidents:

#1: Slips, trips and falls

Slips and falls are the most common type of workplace accidents because they can happen in all different kinds of work environments. From a busy outdoor construction zone to quiet office space, slip-and-fall accidents occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

• Cluttered walkways
• Uneven flooring
• Poor lighting
• Cracked pavement

#2: Repetitive strains

Repetitive strain injuries can also affect many different kinds of workers. People who type on computers all day and people who perform manual labor in factories can both be at risk for straining their muscles and tendons. Performing the same movements over and over again without sufficient breaks is dangerous for the body.

#3: Car accidents

Car crashes are another common type of work-related accident. People may be injured in a car accident while meeting up with clients or on route to a work conference. Workers that drive for a living and spend most of their time on the road are at high risk for car accidents.

Recovering from a workplace accident

Returning to work too soon after an accident can put you at risk for aggravating your injuries or being involved in another accident. It’s important that injured workers fully recover from their accident before they go back to work. As long as your accident was work-related, you may qualify for compensation for your lost wages through workers’ compensation insurance.


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