Liability for boating accidents

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Boating is a popular sport and way of life in Massachusetts when the weather permits. Many people take boats out just for fun or to catch fish and lobsters commercially. When an accident occurs, the situation can be incredibly dangerous and stressful for everyone who was on the boat.

Water complicates things

Car accidents can be devastating, but boating accidents have the added element of water, which can complicate things. Water and waves can injure people who weren’t injured in the initial accident, which means a boating accident isn’t over until everyone is back on shore.

Types of boating accidents

There are many different types of boats and boating accidents. Some boating accidents only involve a single boat while others are caused by the collision of multiple vessels. Here are the four main types of boating accidents:

  • Hitting another watercraft
  • Hitting an object that was under the water
  • Hitting another boat’s wake
  • Hitting a wave

A lot of boating accidents involve forces of nature that can’t be controlled. However, negligence often plays a role in boating accidents. Boat operators that fail to steer properly, operate their boats while intoxicated or disregard weather warnings could face a personal injury claim.

Liability for boating accidents

If you were injured in a boating accident, the boat operator may be liable for your injuries if they disregarded your safety. If your accident involved a boat collision, the operator of the other boat could be the liable party. Some boat operators are found negligent if they take passengers out during inclement weather or failed to keep their boat equipment in working condition.


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