What are typical causes of boating accidents?

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Taking a boat out on a lake or somewhere along the coast of Massachusetts could be an enjoyable experience, but captains of the ships must pay strict attention to safety. Even on open waters with seemingly few boats nearby, the chance for an accident looms. Knowing about the common causes of boating accidents might help someone avoid a tragedy.

Reasons for boating accidents

Running aground ranks high on the list of common boating mishaps. The water may be shallower than expected, or the operator might take the boat into a sandbar. Such incidents could result in a damaged hull while leaving those onboard in danger since the boat becomes immobile.

A boat won’t move when it runs out of gas, either. A disabled boat can’t get out of the way of another ship, and that’s a danger that may occur when the fuel tank empties.

When hit by another boat, someone could fall overboard. An intoxicated passenger might do the same. Regardless of the reason, anyone who falls overboard runs the risk of drowning or getting hit by another boat.

Other boating calamities

If the person operating the boat suffers from alcohol or drug-related impairments, the chances of an accident could increase significantly. So may the chances of a personal injury suit, considering how dangerous it is to operate a boat while under the influence.

As with driving a car, speeding on a boat increases risks. Traveling at unsafe speeds could leave the boat’s owner open to liability claims if an accident happens.

Other incidents may result from failing to maintain the vehicle properly. An engine fire could break out, or the motor might break down. Oversights, such as not inspecting the boat for mechanical issues and not upgrading safety equipment, bring potential dangers. Boat owners may need to be more responsible about care before taking a vessel on the water.


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