Types of spine fractures that can happen in a car accident

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In Massachusetts and other states, it’s not uncommon for both the driver and passenger in a car accident to sustain a spine fracture due to the impact. Below are the different types of spine fractures that can occur in a car accident.


This is one of the most serious types of fractures as it often involves more than just one bone. These types of fractures tend to be very unstable as a vertebra can move off of the one that’s adjacent to it. Fracture-dislocation often results in damage to the spinal cord.

Compression fractures

Motor vehicle accidents can cause compression fractures to occur. When this happens, the vertebra breaks in the front and gets compacted as well. These types of fractures are common in patients who are already suffering from osteoporosis.

Burst fractures

This type of fracture affects many car accident victims. Once this type of fracture occurs, the bone can move and be very unstable. Burst fractures can cause a lot of pain as the nerves often become compressed.

Chance fractures

The thoracolumbar junction is what’s often affected with chance fractures. They are unique in that they affect both the distraction and forward flexion of an individual’s spine. When the occupant of a car only wears a lap belt and is in a car accident, they can end up with this type of fracture.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and you sustained an injury to your spinal cord, you have legal rights to protect. Contact an attorney to help you determine whether you should seek some sort of compensation.


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