Why are big pickup trucks so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Massachusetts streets and highways feature all kinds of vehicles traveling on their way. Pickup trucks are not uncommon sites since these models remain popular. Many pickup truck drivers like to do more than make a statement with their chosen vehicles. They rely on their trucks for heavy-duty work, which is why some choose larger, more powerful models. Commuters may worry about larger pickup trucks because the oversized trucks might cause tremendous damage in an accident.

Pickup trucks continue to become bigger

Manufacturers often promote how powerful, tough, and massive their new pickup trucks are. Such models can perform a wide range of challenging tasks, such as carrying or towing heavy loads. Smaller vehicles might end up with the worst outcome in truck accidents involving larger pickups.

And don’t think a pickup truck driver needs to commit a moving violation to cause an accident. Many tough trucks come built at a height that could make viewing angles harder to make out. Backing up or changing lanes may present significant blind spots. If the driver is not careful, hitting another vehicle might result.

Imagine if a huge, tough truck hit a pedestrian. The chances for a fatal accident might be significant.

Concerns about truck accidents rise

The Governors Highway Safety Association pointed out the unfortunate numbers of increased pedestrian fatalities, which should concern drivers and pedestrians alike. Taking great care when walking or driving might not be enough to reduce a victim’s chances of avoiding accidents when manufacturers continue to produce somewhat dangerous trucks.

If a pickup truck driver embraces distractions or violates traffic laws, then the danger level may increase. The driver could then face a civil suit for any damages he or she causes.

An attorney may assess a victim’s damages. The attorney could then explore legal avenues to seek compensation for the victim.


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