Is drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents, Drunk Driver Accidents

Studies show that drivers who get less than five hours of sleep before driving a vehicle in Massachusetts drive just as poorly as someone who is intoxicated. The lack of sleep can cause drivers to have a slower response time, making it easier to increase the risk of getting into a collision.

Spending more than 18 hours awake can also have the same effect of having a blood content level of 0.05 percent. This causes many drivers to become more impulsive, too confident, and become more likely to take more risks while driving around.

How to avoid drowsy driving

If you want to avoid drowsy driving, it’s important to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night to recharge your brain and mental capacity. Avoid driving late at night, especially when you plan to drive long distances. If you feel tired while driving, pull over at a rest stop where it’s safe to park to sleep for 20 minutes to recharge and feel more alert. Never drive alone, and rely on another passenger to take turns driving if you plan to drive more than 100 miles in a day. You can also rely on caffeine for a short energy boost to avoid car and motor vehicle accidents.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re involved in a car accident due to drowsy driving, it’s important to seek compensation to cover your injuries, damages to your vehicle, lost wages, and emotional trauma. An attorney can inform you of your rights and review the case’s details to ensure you have a better chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve. An attorney can also work directly with the other driver’s insurance company to settle out of court.


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