Is distracted driving an epidemic?

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Many underlying factors lead to vehicle collisions in Massachusetts. Often, negligence plays a role, and distracted driving ranks as a top cause of that carelessness. Across the United States, distracted driving appears to be reaching epidemic proportions. Anyone traveling on the road should take steps to avoid succumbing to distractions and must also embrace defensive tactics to deal with distracted drivers.

Distracted driving statistics raise alarm

A review of statistics presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) might alarm drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. In 2015, distracted driving contributed to 391,000 injuries, and this behavior was responsible for 8.5% of motor vehicle fatalities in 2019. The propensity of teenage drivers to text and email while driving also adds to anxieties.

Even if distracted driving declines in the coming years, the number of serious incidents would likely remain shockingly high. Each year, manufacturers continue to produce technology that entices drivers to take their attention off the road. Touchscreens, for example, may take hands and eyes away from where they are crucially needed for safe driving practices.

Of course, technology isn’t the only cause of distracted driving incidents. Bad habits also play a role. Eating while driving, for example, could lead to a crash.

Even safety equipment could cause unexpected problems. Drivers relying too heavily on alerts and cameras might not maintain total concentration on their surroundings.

Avoidable collisions in Massachusetts

One thing that aggravates many victims of distracted driving is the avoidable nature of most of these collisions. When someone chooses to write a meaningless text while behind the wheel, that driver places others at risk for no reason. Unfortunately, incidents such as this frequently occur, sometimes with fatal results.

Motor vehicle accidents resulting from distracted driving may lead to a civil suit. Injured persons could discuss their legal options with an attorney.


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