Scaffolding injuries come from more than just falls

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Scaffolds are important tools for building construction projects. They are temporary structures that DC metro residents may see standing near or suspended from construction projects throughout the area. Workers use scaffolds to increase their elevation relative to the projects they are working on.

Whenever a worker is placed on an elevated surface, risks of falls increase. However, scaffolds also impose other less predictable dangers on those who use them. This informative post provides insights to readers on possible harm from scaffold accidents, but no part of this post should be interpreted as legal advice.

Dangerous inherent to scaffolding

Without scaffolds, many building and maintenance projects would not be able to move forward. When they are properly constructed, scaffolds provide safe surfaces for workers and their tools to exist while they perform essential construction work. However, many safety considerations must be undertaken to prevent injuries to those on and off scaffolds. Injuries from scaffolds can include but are not limited to:

  • Falls from elevated scaffold surfaces
  • Falls from collapsing scaffolds
  • Injuries from tools dropped off scaffolds on worksites
  • Electrocution from contact between metal scaffolds and power sources

Safety steps, like ensuring workers are tied off to elevated scaffolds and that tools are secured to scaffolds and workers to prevent drops, can reduce the risks of scaffold injuries on worksites.

After a scaffold injury

Scaffold accidents can result in serious injuries to victims. Broken bones, concussions, spinal injuries, and more can all occur from falls, and electrocution can leave victims with painful burns and injuries as well. Employers are responsible for providing their workers with the tools and training they need to be safe, and when workers get hurt on scaffolds, their employers may carry liability.

After a scaffold or other worksite accident, a victim can contact a personal injury attorney for help. There are no guarantees under the law, but victims can sometimes secure compensation for their losses and move forward with their lives following their tragic workplace accidents.



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