What to watch for is nursing home neglect is suspected

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Nursing home neglect and abuse can be any family’s worse nightmare. For that reason, families and loved ones should know what to watch for and what to do is their loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse. The following are some warning signs of nursing home neglect or abuse.

Noticeable emotional or physical changes

If a loved one in a nursing home becomes withdrawn or suffers from unexpected weight loss, as examples, these can be signs of emotional abuse or physical abuse in the nursing home. In addition, unexplained bruises, pressure ulcers or skin tears, especially in areas with little visibility, may also be a sign of neglect.

Dehydration, undernourishment or other physical signs

Physical signs of neglect and abuse should always set off warning bells for family members to inquire further about the causes.

Staff do not respond to direct questions

If staff members do not provide direct and understandable answers to reasonable questions, it may be a cause for concern. If staff is always answering that they do not know in response to questions, it may be something to look further into.

Frantic or inadequate staff

If the nursing home is understaffed, or inadequately or inappropriately staffed, there may be reason to be alarmed. If there does not seem to be enough staff, or they are always frantic or do not work well together, this may be cause to be alarmed. High staff turnover or repeatedly, and frequently, unanswered phones and phone calls may also be reason for alarm.

The resident family member does not want certain staff caring for them

If the loved one in care shares that they do not want a particular staff member to care for them, family members should inquire as to why and consider it worth looking into the reason why the loved one is not comfortable with a particular staff member caring for them.

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a nightmare for victims and families which is why it is important to watch for warning signs. Families should also be familiar with the different types of protections, including personal injury protections that may help with damages suffered due to nursing home negligence.


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