When violent attacks happen due to neglectful property owners

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The night was not unusual as you drove downtown, parked your car in a ramp with the intention of meeting friends at a socially distanced gathering at a restaurant. As you exit your car and begin walking in the dimly lit parking ramp, a stranger asks you the time and then, suddenly pulls out a gun and clobbers you over the head several times.

You fight back. A shot from the assailant’s gun rings out and grazes your arm. The stranger flees. You are in a daze. Not only is your arm bleeding, but your face is bloodied, too. You also may have a concussion from this violent attack. It happened all too quickly. Where was the help you needed? Where was security? The negligence of the property’s owner contributed to your assault.

Security remains essential everywhere

This situation focuses on premises liability. Violent attacks can happen at many locations and properties, including hotels, condos, parking ramps, parking lots, office buildings and businesses. Many of these events could have been avoided with proper precautions.

Here are some of the reasons that violent attacks happen on certain properties:

  • Poor and inefficient lighting: An assailant may be waiting for you, concealed by the dark, and you do not even know it. Hallways, parking lots and parking ramps can serve as backdrops for violent attacks.
  • Neglecting to watch and secure a building’s common areas, entrances and exits: Suspicious individuals may enter, loiter and lurk in such places as hotels and condos. They do not belong there.
  • Limited or no presence of security cameras: Among the best deterrents against crime are security cameras. They need to be functioning, placed in high-traffic areas and in better numbers throughout the property.
  • Non-functioning door and window locks: People can become crime victims if an assailant gains access to their hotel room through an improperly secured window or door.
  • The limited number of security staff on the premises: The presence of security employees is an effective way to minimize crime on properties. Not having enough such staff or poorly trained employees is detrimental.

Property owners must take every precaution regarding public safety. They are responsible for assuring a safe and secure environment. When this happens, members of the public may no longer have to look over their shoulders.


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