Several car accidents occurred on icy Massachusetts roads

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Car Accidents

Full-time residents of Massachusetts understand that winter months often create travel challenges, especially for drivers. Multiple car accidents recently occurred on the same day in the central part of the state. Investigators are saying there was a lot of black ice on the roadways that day.

Among the numerous collisions on a recent Tuesday morning during typical commuting hours, a 10-car pile-up occurred on the southbound lanes of Massachusetts Pike. On Route 146, another massive collision took place involving a tractor-trailer and a car that ignited in flames upon impact. Rescue and clean-up crews were kept busy all morning, and many traffic lanes had to be shut down temporarily while roadways were cleared and accident victims were rendered assistance.

Poor road conditions and inclement weather often create dangerous driving conditions. Regardless of such issues, however, every licensed driver is obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations at all times. Driver negligence often causes sudden collisions that result in severe, even fatal injuries.

When Massachusetts car accidents result in injury, the primary concern is always for those who are injured to obtain medical attention. Such incidents often lead to litigation because state law allows people to file personal injury claims against those deemed responsible for damages. It is the plaintiff in such cases who is tasked with providing evidence to the court to show that another party was negligent and that his or her negligence was a direct cause of injury to the plaintiff. Most people have an experienced injury law attorney to represent them in court, which is much less stressful than trying to present a case on one’s own.


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