Medical malpractice claim leads to more than $5M settlement

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

A man in another state sadly passed away in 2019 while undergoing the process of donating bone marrow. However, his family filed a lawsuit against several doctors who were involved in the procedure, alleging medical malpractice, and the suit was recently settled for more than $5 million. In the same manner, anyone in Massachusetts who loses a loved one due to a doctor’s carelessness has the right to seek to hold the doctor accountable through the civil court system.

In the out-of-state case, the man agreed to donate marrow from his bone to a teen in another country who needed it. However, as he went through the procedure at a medical center, he ended up falling into a coma. The man, 44, died about three months later.

After the man’s death, his family sued an anesthesiologist who was involved in the procedure, claiming that he was negligent during it. According to the lawsuit, the anesthesiologist did not administer oxygen promptly when the man’s oxygen level dropped. As a result, he reportedly suffered major damage to his brain and never could regain consciousness.

Sometimes, doctors in Massachusetts and elsewhere fail to properly treat their patients, and unfortunately, this can have fatal consequences. Fortunately, if people lose their loved ones to medical malpractice, it is within their rights to seek the reimbursement of the monetary damages sustained as a result. A damage award in a successfully litigated case may help to cover medical costs, support for surviving dependents and other losses resulting from the documented malpractice incident.


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