How can employers keep construction sites safe for workers?

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Even though the weather is turning colder in Massachusetts, Worcester residents may still construction projects all around them, whether it is roadwork, the erection of a home or the renovation of a building. However, construction work is dangerous work. The following information from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration provides an overview of common workplace accidents in the construction industry, and what employers can do to prevent them.


Falls from heights are a common workplace injury in the construction industry. To prevent falls, employers should provide workers with personal fall arrest equipment. Perimeters on construction sites should be protected. Any floor openings should be securely covered and labeled. Finally, if ladders or scaffolds are being used, safety measures on their use should be in place

Being struck by an object

To avoid this common workplace injury, construction workers should not be put in between moving and fixed objects. In addition, if they work in close proximity with heavy equipment or traffic, workers should be provided with high-visibility clothing.

Being caught-in/between

Another common workplace accident is being caught-in/between trenches and excavation sites. To avoid these injuries, trenches and excavation sites should have protective systems in place. For example, trenches and excavation sites can be protected through sloping, shoring, benching or shield systems.


There are steps employers can take to keep construction workers safe from electrocutions. All utilities should be located before the project begins. When operating heavy equipment or when workers are using ladders or scaffolds, any overhead power lines should be identified, and workers should be kept at a safe distance from them. Portable electric tools should be double insulated or grounded. In addition, the use of ground-fault circuit interrupters can protect workers from being electrocuted.

Construction workers injured on the job should explore their legal options

Unfortunately, not all employers in the construction industry will adhere to these safety measures, leading to workplace accidents. Massachusetts construction workers injured on the job should explore what legal options they have for compensation to help them with the many costs associated with their injuries.



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