Motorcycle accident over Labor Day

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When locals think of motorcycle accidents, they likely imagine a negligent driver colliding with an innocent motorcyclist. And, often, this is the exact scenario many motorcyclist face daily across the state. However, sometimes, in motorcycle accidents, the motorcyclist is the negligent party. For example, a motorcycle accident over Labor Day appears to have been caused by the motorcyclist.

The accident

According to the Worcester Police Department, the motorcyclist was doing a wheelie when he collided with a car. The car was pulling into an intersection after stopping at a stop sign. The motorcyclists sustained serious injuries from the impact that occurred before 4:00 p.m. Monday on Main Street.

A wheelie is where a motorcyclists drives only on their back tire, obstructing their view of the road in front of them as they are holding the front of the motorcycle up. Here, the motorcyclists was traveling northbound on Main Street doing the wheelie, when he attempted to cross Jackson Street.

This is when the vehicle pulled into traffic from the stop sign, colliding with the motorcycle. The collisions sent the motorcyclist into the air, severely injuring him. The driver of the car though, was not injured. While the motorcyclist was not charged or cited on the scene, the WPD is still investigating the accident.

After the accident

While WPD did not cite the motorcyclist at the scene and has not yet charged the motorcyclist with anything, the facts appear to paint a picture of motorcycle negligence. If this turns out to be the case, the vehicle driver can hold the biker accountable, even if the police do not.

From photographs, the vehicle was severely damaged, which will require repairs, possibly necessitating a rental vehicle, repair costs and maybe, lost wages. These are all damages that can be recovered in a personal injury lawsuit. But, the first step will be for the driver to contact an attorney.


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