Sagamore bicyclist hospitalized after car accident

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We all know how common it is on our streets for pedestrians and bicyclists to be impacted by vehicles. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents likely occurs more often around here because many cities in our area are designed to be walkable and most Massachusetts municipalities design roads to encourage bicyclists, including designated bicycle lanes. Unfortunately, one result of putting more bikes on the roads means that impacts with the other vehicles on the roads can increase, which was recently demonstrated.

Accident details

According to the Bourne Fire Department, on Saturday afternoon, a car accident occurred between a vehicle and a bicyclist. The accident happed near Adams Street on Sandwich road, shortly before 3:0o p.m.

The bicyclist was rushed to Weymouth’s South Shore Hospital. Luckily, though, the bicyclist’s injures are reportedly no life-threatening. BFD did not disclose the injuries of the driver, and the Massachusetts State Police are still investigating the accident.

Accident victims’ options

From the reported facts of this case, it is not possible to make any assumptions on fault. However, regardless of who is at fault, the driver or bicyclists, the person who caused the accident is responsible for all of the damages they caused.

This means that if the driver was at fault, the driver would be responsible for the bicyclist’s damages. This includes any damage to the bike, the hospital bills, and any pain and suffering involved. If the bicyclist required ongoing or continuing medical car, the driver would also be responsible for that, and perhaps, even be responsible for how the accident affected the bicyclist’s family.

Similarly, if the bicyclist is at fault, he will be responsible to the driver and the driver’s passengers, if any. This includes the damage done to the vehicle by the bicycle.

The key to recovering though is to seek help. This usually means contacting an attorney to figure out who is at a fault and whether one has a case.



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