Rise in motor vehicle accidents sparks audit of safety standards

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Injuries and fatalities are unfortunately common in Massachusetts and throughout the nation. Often, these collisions are due to driver error or recklessness. Another common concern is the automobile itself and its safety features. There is a set of standards that are required for a vehicle to be considered in compliance with basic requirements. Given the number of accidents that are happening, an audit will be conducted to assess these standards. The vehicle could be of critical importance when those who were impacted by an auto accident consider a legal filing for compensation.

Inspector general’s office plans review of safety standards

There were more than 36,000 deaths in auto accidents the U.S. in 2019. The Transportation Department’s Office of Inspector General is set to gauge the effectiveness of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) put in place by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Considering the technological advancements automakers are implementing, the inspector general may change the rules. In early 2020, the NHTSA emphasized how self-driving vehicles can help with avoiding crashes and made proposals for adjustments to account for it.

There has been a significant rise in self-driving technology with many automakers and companies at the forefront of these advancements. New regulations are meant to make the roads safer for everyone. The failure to account for new technologies is set to be addressed by the inspector general’s office and it may encourage the NHTSA to make necessary adjustments for the good of the public. One example of a change that occurred not long ago is the rule that electronic vehicles to make a sound that warns pedestrians that they are approaching. These vehicles tend to be quieter than conventional gas-powered cars, making the warning noise a positive attribute for pedestrians.

The cause of an auto accident may be key to being compensated

There are numerous factors involved in an auto accident. People who are suddenly facing medical expenses and long-term injuries that prevent them from working may need to consider a lawsuit. While distracted driving, drunk driving, negligence, drowsy driving and other driver behaviors are frequently the cause of these collisions, the automobile itself and federal regulations that might not be sufficiently updated cannot be ignored. Assessing all aspects of an auto accident can unearth evidence that can help with a claim such as a driver placing too much reliance on self-driving technology or not using it when they should have. Consulting with legal professionals experienced in personal injury cases may be important to recovering compensation.


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