Bad truck maintenance may bolster your personal injury case

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Truck Accidents

A truck accident can rip your life apart. It can leave you with serious, long-term injuries that are painful and costly to treat, and the emotional harm thrust upon you by these damages can be overwhelming. To recoup these losses and find accountability, you need to know how to build a compelling negligence case against an errant trucker and his employer.

Don’t overlook improper truck maintenance

One way to do so is to put forth evidence showing that the truck that was involved in the accident was improperly maintained. Federal regulations dictate how these big rigs should be kept, and they require routine inspections by truckers, their employers, and licensed inspectors. Any defects or deficiencies should be recorded and kept in official records. Additionally, a truck that is rendered unsafe should be taken out of commission until the issue is remedied.

Consider whether cargo tie downs were used appropriately

In some instances, cargo being carried by a truck is improperly secured. Either the wrong type of restraints are used, not enough restraints are used, or the restraints that are used are defective in some fashion. Again, truckers and their employers need to do everything they can to ensure that restraining devices are safe and secure so that other motorists aren’t put at risk. Evidence of a violation in this or any other area of trucking safety regulations can prove powerful in a personal injury lawsuit.

Find help

Building a case against a negligent trucker and his employer takes time, skill, and attention to detail. You need to engage in thorough discovery so that you have all the information you need to build a compelling case, then you need to diligently craft your legal arguments that position you well for both negotiations and trial. If you’re unsure about how to gather the evidence you need to support your case, including evidence of improper truck maintenance or improper tie downs, then you might want to think about seeking out legal assistance.



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