The trauma of a dog bite can linger long after wounds have healed

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Serious dog bites can result in severe injuries. Although physical wounds will heal in time, psychological trauma can last a lifetime. It’s important to acknowledge this type of trauma and to ensure that any pursuit of financial compensation for the attack includes the treatment of lasting psychological scars.

PTSD is common following an animal attack

When people think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they often think of soldiers who have served in combat zones. However, PTSD can result from any type of significant trauma, including serious dog bites.

A person who has PTSD may experience restlessness, flashbacks, and depression. PTSD can also have an outsized effect on children, who may regress from developmental milestones, in addition to showcasing other symptoms. It’s important to be aware of any signs of PTSD and to seek treatment to help address these pressing issues.

The damage of scarring must be acknowledged

Dog bites often result in severe scarring. This can be especially traumatic for people who have suffered bites to the face. People who were once outgoing and extroverted may become withdrawn or feel shame about their appearance.

Psychological issues involving scars are treatable, but it can take time. It’s crucial to acknowledge this may be an issue and to ensure that it’s addressed as part of any personal injury claim.

A fear of dogs and other animals

It’s only natural for a person to develop a fear of dogs after an attack. This is especially true for children, though adults often develop such worries as well. Even dog lovers have been known to become scared of dogs following the trauma of a severe dog bite.

While it may never be possible to overcome this fear entirely, treatment can help address some of the anxiety one feels when seeing a dog. No one should fear to be out in public because someone may be walking their dog.

Developing a complete picture of your losses

People think a legal claim for a dog bite is only designed to cover medical expenses for treating the bite itself. Any legal claim should develop a complete picture of the trauma one has suffered as the result of an animal attack. You should discuss what this may look like with a skilled legal professional.


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