Alleged drag race leads to crash killing two pedestrians

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Personal Injury

Massachusetts pedestrians are in a constant state of vulnerability when they are walking the streets or Worcester and the surrounding areas. While driver recklessness, distraction, driving under the influence and drowsiness are common factors in a pedestrian-auto accident, speed is still one of the most dangerous issues. Since pedestrians are not granted any protection, a crash can lead to injuries and death. After a fatal accident because of drivers traveling at excessive speed, it is important for families left behind to understand their rights in a wrongful death claim.

Two pedestrians died when they were hit by a speeding vehicle that ran up on the sidewalk. The accident happened in the evening at about 6:30 p.m. According to the law enforcement investigation, the 26-year-old driver was involved in a drag race. As the race commenced, the vehicle went out of control and hit the male and female pedestrians, ages 66 and 62. They were taken to the hospital. They were pronounced dead after their arrival. The driver was also injured, but they were not seen as life-threatening. There were skid marks in the road. The driver was arrested on several charges. Law enforcement is seeking the other driver.

When pedestrians are hit by a car, they can suffer broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, cuts and bruises. If they are lucky, they will survive. They will likely need hospitalizations, extensive treatment, rehabilitation and take a long time to recover. It is possible they will never return to normal. For many pedestrians, it is an unfortunate truth that they will not survive after being hit by a car. If the accident was due to a driver behaving with egregious recklessness and caused the crash by drag racing, it is even more difficult for the family left behind to accept. The case must be fully investigated and steps must be taken as soon as possible to file a claim for compensation.

After a pedestrian-auto accident of any kind, it is wise to understand the potential consequences. Financial compensation can cover for medical costs, treatment, lost income and pain and suffering. Before accepting a settlement from an insurance company, it is imperative to understand how to pursue a legal claim. A law firm experienced in representing people after a wrongful death may be able to help.


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