Dangerous truck accidents have many different causes

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2020 | Vehicle Accidents

Large commercial trucks play an important role in national commerce. There are not many ways to move large amounts of goods from distant points into communities all throughout the nation. Worcester residents may see semis, tankers and cargo trucks each day making deliveries to their favorite stores and markets.

However, despite their importance and businesses’ need for their use, large trucks are dangerous when they are mishandled. This post will address some of the ways that large trucks and their drivers cause accidents with other vehicles, but readers should be aware that the information contained herein is not fully comprehensive.

Accidents involving large trucks happen when drivers make dangerous decisions about their operation. In some cases, drivers may not be properly educated on how to safely drive massive vehicles, but in other situations drivers may elect to speed, tailgate or drive aggressively on busy and populated roads. Driver error is a common cause of truck accidents.

Additionally, truck accidents happen when trucks are not properly maintained. Just as a private driver must change their vehicle’s oil, have its brakes checked and perform other regular maintenance, so too must truck owners keep up with the maintenance of their rigs. An improperly maintained truck may malfunction and cause a serious accident on a Massachusetts road.

Truck accidents often can be prevented. However, negligence and other forms of liability may prevent truck owners from taking the right steps to keep their rigs and drivers safe. Legal help is available to individuals who suffer harm in truck accidents and who wish to pursue damages against those who caused their losses.


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