The costs of brain injuries can be overwhelming

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Vehicle Accidents

Because victims of brain injuries can suffer physical, financial and emotional trauma and harm, they should be familiar with the legal resources to help them with the trauma and costs of a brain injury. Brain injuries are not uncommon in vehicle accidents and can take a hefty toll on victims, their lives and their families.

Brain injury costs can easily climb into the millions and it is estimated that the lifetime cost of treating a brain injury can range from $600,000 to $1.875 million. This can depend on the nature of the brain injury and whether it was considered mild, moderate or severe. A mild brain injury can cost $85,000 to treat, a moderate brain injury can cost $941,000 to treat and a severe traumatic brain injury can cost and estimated $3 million to treat. Hospital costs to treat brain injuries in the United State are estimated at $31.7 billion and the costs of acute and rehabilitative care for brain injury victims costs between $9 and $10 billion annually.

The total cost of treating brain injuries is estimated at $48.3 billion each year. Brain injury victims may be unable to work or even perform simple daily tasks following a brain injury and may have difficulty with their personal relationship and managing their moods as they experience personality changes because of the brain injury they have suffered. A brain injury can leave the victim with costly deficits. Brain injuries also cost families emotionally and financially and communities and society in lost productivity and social services costs to care for brain injury victims.

Brain injury victims who have suffered a brain injury in a car accident because of a negligent or careless driver have legal protections available to them that can help them recover compensation for their damages and losses suffered. Victims of brain injuries and their families should be familiar with how these legal resources and remedies work and can help them with the overwhelming costs of a brain injury.


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