Educating kids on bike safety

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Bike riding can be great fun for all of the family. Not only can it be an eco-friendly and affordable form of transportation, but it is also a fun recreational activity, and is a great form of exercise. However, as with all forms of transportation, certain safety risks need to be observed.

If your children ride bikes, you must take the time to educate them on how to ride safely, no matter their age. This can go a long way toward preventing accidents and injuries. The following are some key bike riding safety tips that apply to children of all ages.

Understand the dangers

Children should be aware of the dangers that lurk when riding a bike. First and foremost, they should be aware of the hazards, from cars on the road, to other cyclists, pedestrians and potholes. Being alert and aware of your bike so that hazards can be safely avoided is key.

Wear a helmet

In the interests of safety, all children should be wearing helmets when riding a bike. This is especially important for children, since their brains are still developing, and they are more vulnerable to serious head injuries as a result of a seemingly minor bump on the head.

Helmets should be fitted well, covering the forehead and with straps fastened under the chin. You should also ensure that the helmet meets the rules set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Wear appropriate clothing

When children are riding bikes, they must be visible to others on the road. This will help to ensure that drivers are aware of their presence and that they exercise additional caution. Children should wear brightly colored clothes. Reflective wear is also useful, especially when the sun is down. It’s also important to make sure the shoelaces are securely tied, and that there is no chance of loose clothing getting stuck in the wheels or the chain.

Bike safety is an important aspect of accident prevention. However, it is never possible to predict the conditions of the road. If you believe that your child was injured on a bike due to the negligent actions of another person, you may want to pursue a personal injury claim.


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