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June 2019 Archives

Texting at stop signs or red lights isn't as safe as you think

Texting at the wheel is a known danger. However, the demand to be constantly available to others is often part of your job or your role as a parent or spouse. That can mean trying to walk a fine line between what you know is safe and what you know will keep your family or your job running smoothly. You aren't the only person juggling the impulse to communicate with the desire for safety.

Massachusetts car accident results in injuries and death

Car accident victims can suffer serious, and fatal, injuries in car accidents. In a neighboring Massachusetts community south of Worcester, a car accident recently claimed the life of one and injured another who was taken to a local hospital. The victim who was killed was also taken to the local Worcester hospital but was pronounced dead in the hospital. The accident occurred when an SUV crossed a double yellow center line and struck a pick-up truck and another SUV while traveling in the wrong lane of travel.

Don't do these things after a wreck

Imagine driving through Worcester. It's Monday morning and you have a big week ahead at work. So far, things are starting off right. Traffic is light, you're running ahead of schedule and you have plenty of time to stop for a coffee before you get to work. Unfortunately, things go sideways when another driver rear-ends you at an intersection. Now, you have a damaged vehicle, a pain in your neck and back, and you will have to take at least a few days off work.

How legal remedies can help brain injury victims

Victims of car accidents can unexpectedly suffer injuries that can alter their lives forever. Brain injuries can change the lives of car accident victims in significant ways including emotionally and financially and can have an extensive impact on them and their families.

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