Follow these holiday driving tips to stay safe

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The holiday season is an enjoyable time. From the parties to great times with friends and family, you look forward to everything it will bring your way, despite the stress the season also tends to elicit.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a good time during the holidays, it’s imperative to take steps that will keep you safe. This is particularly important when driving.

Here are five holiday driving tips that can enhance your safety and help you avoid trouble that spoils one of the most exciting times of the year:

  • Never drink and drive: It’s easy to fall into this habit during the holidays, as you’re jumping from one party to the next. Don’t make this mistake, as it increases the risk of an accident and/or trouble with the law.
  • Watch for other drivers: Just because you’re following the rules of the road doesn’t mean you can assume that other drivers are as well. There are people drinking and driving. There are people driving distracted. Keep your eyes peeled for anyone who’s not driving safely.
  • Don’t drive drowsy: Your body has a way of wearing down during the holiday season. If you’re too tired to drive, pull to the side of the road for some rest. This is better than pushing the envelope and falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Plan your route: Traffic is heavy during the holiday season, so think about your route in advance. For example, if you’re taking a long road trip, compare two or three routes to find the one that best suits your driving style and timeline.
  • Prepare for emergencies: You hope nothing goes wrong while driving, but you never know what will happen when you get behind the wheel. From an accident to a breakdown, prepare for all types of emergencies.

These holiday driving tips are meant to keep you safe, but they are no guarantee that you’ll avoid trouble. For example, you could be part of a highway accident when another driver falls asleep or decides to text and drive.

If you’re involved in a crash, move to safety and call 911. Also, receive treatment for your injuries and contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Doing all these things in a timely manner will go a long way in helping you protect your legal rights in Massachusetts.


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