Consulting a lawyer is critical after Massachusetts bus accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Bus Accidents

Buses are an integral part of life in Massachusetts. They transport people back and forth to work and school every day. Children ride school buses and city buses. Drivers in conventional vehicles must be completely aware of these large vehicles and that they make frequent stops and starts. While most buses are operated safely and the drivers go about their business without incident, it is unavoidable that there will be accidents.

There can be many reasons for a bus crash. Given their size, it is not uncommon for there to be injuries and fatalities. Knowing the steps to take to seek compensation in a legal filing is critical for people who have been affected by a bus accident. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is not infallible. When there is an error or an incident involving one of its vehicles, they are responsible for it. A key to determining how and why a bus accident happened is the investigation. People who have been injured or families that have lost a loved one should have legal help to examine the circumstances of the bus accident to assess how to move forward with a legal filing.

Buses might be operated by a driver who was under the influence. There could have been a distracted driving incident in which the bus driver was not paying attention to the road. Speeding and recklessness can happen. There could be a mechanical problem with the bus itself that leads to a crash. Bus drivers might go through a stop sign or a red light. It is possible that the driver did not see a pedestrian. Any one of these incidents and numerous others can cause a bus accident.

With the medical expenses, lost time at work, long-term damage from injuries, families might not know where to turn. If there is a fatality, there is the emotional impact along with the financial ramifications. For people who have been involved in a bus accident, having legal help is paramount. A law firm that is experienced in pursuing claims after bus accidents should be contacted immediately to begin the process of filing a lawsuit.


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