Pedestrian-car accident injures man and his niece crossing street

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In Worcester and throughout Massachusetts, the mornings can be a dangerous time for pedestrians. People are on their way to work, are frequently in a rush and might be paying attention to several things at once rather than what they are supposed to be paying attention to: the road. In addition, people who are taking children to school could find themselves in risky situations as they try to cross busy streets, sometimes in poor weather. When there is a pedestrian-car accident, those who were hit can suffer serious injury and death. A lawsuit can help to recover compensation for all that was lost.

A car crashed into two pedestrians at around 8 a.m. The people who were hit were a 24-year-old man and his seven-year-old niece. The uncle was taking his niece to school when the accident occurred. A Nissan hit them and remained at the scene. The investigation is still ongoing and it is not known if charges will be filed against the driver. The girl was hit and rolled on the hood of the vehicle before falling to the ground and hitting her head. The man was hit and landed in front of the vehicle. The victims were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Regardless of the circumstances of a pedestrian accident, the results will often be the same with broken bones, cuts, bruises, head injuries, spinal cord injuries and fatalities. When these accidents involve children, they can have lifetime problems with functioning and never return to normal. Medical expenses can be massive and the need for assistance might be 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For adults, there can be missed time at work and the same extended issues that can afflict a child or anyone else. Filing a lawsuit is necessary to maximize compensation and cover for the present and future.

A man and his niece were injured in a car accident as they crossed the street and the uncle was taking the child to school. The investigation into the incident is ongoing and the driver remained at the scene. While the injured are expected to recover, they must still be fully prepared and may wish to seek assistance from an attorney to pursue compensation in a lawsuit.

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