Man injured on the job as he works on fallen tree

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Outdoor maintenance is an important job for community safety – things like keeping trees pruned and clearing branches that might fall. Inevitably, this requires workers to go high into the air to perform their duties. As with any job where workers are deployed at significant heights, falls can happen and result in injuries and fatalities. These happen even when the workers are taking all the safety precautions they are supposed to. After a workplace accident in these circumstances, the injured party and his or her family must be cognizant of the need for legal help to get workers’ compensation and other benefits.

A 33-year-old man working on a tree fell as he tried to enter the bucket on his truck. It was snowing at the time of the accident. The man was working on a fallen tree. He hit his head at impact with the ground. A witness stated there was a substantial amount of blood after the incident. A law enforcement officer was nearby blocking the road so the man could work and called for emergency services to tend to the worker. The man is from Rhode Island. He was taken to the hospital and was said to have suffered facial injuries and head trauma. He was awake and alert as he was taken in for treatment. His injuries are still believed to be serious.

Any job can lead to injuries and long-term problems, even fatalities. This is true whether it is a relatively sedentary and safe job or one that carries with it higher risk. All workers should be aware of their eligibility for workers’ compensation after an accident. Filing workers’ compensation claims can be confusing, especially after the accident has happened and the family is unsure of how to proceed. Workers’ compensation can cover for lost wages, help with medical coverage and be vital to the worker and the family surviving regardless of the scope and duration of the injuries.

A man working on a downed tree during a snowfall slipped and fell as he tried to get into his bucket. He suffered facial and head injuries. He was hospitalized with serious injuries. Whether he is away from work for a short period or his injuries make it necessary for him to need extensive treatment and not be able to get back to work in a timely fashion, if at all, he should be protected with the maximum amount of workers’ compensation available. A lawyer who is experienced in workers’ compensation claims is critical and should be contacted immediately.

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