Falling window frame leads to injured worker and hospitalization

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For Massachusetts workers who are employed in the construction industry, they will undoubtedly understand the risks of being injured. There are many ways in which there can be a workplace accident and it can lead to long-term damage and even death. Fortunately, these workers should be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Often, workers need legal help to ensure that they get the workers’ compensation to which they are entitled.

A construction accident injured a 45-year-old worker. The accident happened after 7 a.m. when a window frame fell from the fourth floor of a building that was being renovated and landed on him. Emergency crews were called. The worker was pinned in the impact. His back and right leg were severely injured, but he is expected to survive. He was taken to the hospital to be treated. Work was ordered to be stopped so the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can investigate.

While a work accident might seem to be obvious as to whether the worker suffered it while on the job, there are instances when the worker might have issues getting the maximum benefits he or she needs to cover for the medical care and lost time at work. The insurance company might not be willing to pay the full amount. There could be a dispute as to whether the workers’ compensation benefits should be paid at all. Having legal assistance is often needed to gather evidence and take all the required steps to be approved for workers’ compensation.

A man who was working on a building renovation was hurt when a five by eight-foot window frame fell and landed on him. Although his injuries are not believed to be life threatening, he is still said to have suffered severe injuries and was hospitalized. As he recovers, he must be protected in case he cannot get back to work in a timely fashion, if at all. He will also need help paying his medical expenses. This is what workers’ compensation benefits are for and he must make sure that he has legal help in getting what he is entitled to.

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