Elderly driver hits car wash employee causing serious injury

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People who work in Massachusetts jobs around moving vehicles will inevitably find themselves in harm’s way. This is not limited to people who work on the road. It can apply to people who are in a parking lot or even a car wash. When there is a car accident involving a pedestrian or a worker who is not in a vehicle, there can be serious injury, even death. Those who have been hurt in this type of incident should understand that they will be confronted with medical expenses and major problems.

A car wash employee was injured when a vehicle ran over and dragged him. After emergency crews were called, the man was found trapped beneath a minivan. According to the investigation, the man was dragged around 40 feet after the vehicle left the car wash. The driver stated that he did not realize he had hit the workers. He believed he had run over a speed bump. The worker was taken to the hospital via helicopter. The worker is 69, and the investigation is continuing.

With a car accident when a person is hit, dragged and pinned, there is a chance that there will be long-term injuries, the need for surgery, inability to work and other problems. A family might have to help care for the injured person placing a strain on them personally and financially. Even if the person survives, there could be rehabilitation and other necessities to try and get as close to normal as possible. Insurance companies rarely pay enough to cover for the losses. A lawsuit for compensation is often the only viable alternative.

A car wash worker was hospitalized when he was dragged and pinned by a driver who claimed to have been unaware he hit anyone. As the investigation into the case continues, the worker and his family must protect themselves by contacting an attorney experienced in helping those injured in a car crash to file a lawsuit.

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