Driver trying to pass vehicle has head-on collision in Worcester

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While most drivers will adhere to the rules of the road and operate their vehicles safely, there will always be a certain number of drivers who operate their vehicles aggressively, negligently and recklessly. For whatever reason, they will try to make unsafe passes, drive beyond the speed limit, use their handheld devices while driving and exhibit many other behaviors that place themselves and others at risk. Often, this will lead to a car accident. After there has been a crash with a driver who was performing dangerous actions, there still must be an accident investigation to accrue evidence. For the victims, having legal help to investigate with their interests in mind is essential.

A three-vehicle crash at shortly before 8 p.m. sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. According to the investigation, a 54-year-old man was driving a 2013 Toyota Tacoma. He attempted to pass a 2004 GMC pickup.

When he first tried to pass on the right of the pickup, he clipped the bumper. Unable to pass, the vehicles kept driving until the Toyota again tried to pass, this time on the left side. As he did, he went into traffic coming in the opposite direction.

As it entered the opposite lanes, the Tacoma had a head-on collision with a 2014 Toyota Scion. The driver of the Tacoma was critically injured and taken to the hospital.

Firefighters were forced to extricate the 27-year-old male driver of the Scion from the vehicle. He suffered serious injuries and was also hospitalized. The 32-year-old driver of the GMC gave law enforcement a detailed statement as to what occurred. Citations had not been issued in the immediate aftermath of the incident, but the case is still being investigated.

A key to any legal filing after a car accident is the evidence. When there is an incident where a driver is behaving in a reckless manner and trying to make unsafe passes and it leads to a crash, this can be a crucial part of seeking compensation in a lawsuit. Because the injuries to the driver of the Scion are considered serious, it could lead to lost time at work, long-term medical treatment, permanent damage and the need to have help for the rest of his life. As he recovers, he must protect himself by discussing a potential legal filing with an attorney experienced in helping clients recover damages after a car crash.

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