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February 2018 Archives

Driver trying to pass vehicle has head-on collision in Worcester

While most drivers will adhere to the rules of the road and operate their vehicles safely, there will always be a certain number of drivers who operate their vehicles aggressively, negligently and recklessly. For whatever reason, they will try to make unsafe passes, drive beyond the speed limit, use their handheld devices while driving and exhibit many other behaviors that place themselves and others at risk. Often, this will lead to a car accident. After there has been a crash with a driver who was performing dangerous actions, there still must be an accident investigation to accrue evidence. For the victims, having legal help to investigate with their interests in mind is essential.

Drowsy driving auto accident stats could be worse than thought

Massachusetts drivers know that there are inherent dangers when heading out on the road. That includes distracted drivers, drunk drivers and people who are reckless or negligent. Another issue that can cause a car accident is a drowsy driver. While this is a worrisome problem, its scope might have been underplayed. According to a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, it is possible that drowsy driving can be up to eight times more prevalent than previously thought. Those who have been in an auto accident should be cognizant of these statistics to determine if a drowsy driver led to the crash.

Key points about vocational rehabilitation for an injured worker

When a Massachusetts worker is injured on the job and receives workers' compensation, it does not necessarily mean their injuries will prevent them from ever working again. There could, however, be a problem getting back into condition to do the same job as before. This is where vocational rehabilitation (VR) comes in. With VR, the goal is to get the person back to work. Understanding how VR can affect workers' compensation benefits is key after the injury or condition prevents the person from working the old job.

Elderly driver hits car wash employee causing serious injury

People who work in Massachusetts jobs around moving vehicles will inevitably find themselves in harm's way. This is not limited to people who work on the road. It can apply to people who are in a parking lot or even a car wash. When there is a car accident involving a pedestrian or a worker who is not in a vehicle, there can be serious injury, even death. Those who have been hurt in this type of incident should understand that they will be confronted with medical expenses and major problems.

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