Failure to stop leads to trolley crashing into second trolley

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Many residents of Massachusetts use the public transportation system to get around. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to do so. In general, it is also safe. However, there are times when there is an accident with one of these vehicles. These can be bus accidents, train accidents, and trolley accidents. One of the reasons this can happen is due to a failure to stop. When there is any kind of crash with a public transportation vehicle and passengers suffer injuries, it is imperative to understand the steps to take to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Two trolleys crashed into one another and sent 16 people to the hospital. The accident occurred at around 3:15 p.m. when one trolley crashed into the back of another trolley. None of those injured were viewed as having life-threatening injuries with most able to walk to the ambulances, but they did need to be taken for treatment.

One passenger said that the crash was comparable to being on a roller coaster and people were thrown on the floor when it happened. Another said he hit his head and saw another passenger’s head bleeding from hitting his head. Although there has been an ongoing cold front across the region, that is not believed to have been a factor in this accident. The investigation is ongoing.

When there is an accident with a vehicle overseen by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), injuries and fatalities can result. There can be a multitude of reasons for the accident such as recklessness, intoxication, mechanical failure and more.

Even when there are no serious injuries seen in the immediate aftermath, that does not mean people will not suffer the aftereffects over an extended period. For example, there could have been back injuries or head injuries whose severity is not immediately obvious, but become clearer and worse over time. People can lose time at work, need extensive medical treatment, require long-term care and never be able to live normally. Seeking legal advice to consider a lawsuit is a wise step as the investigation proceeds.

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