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January 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation, independent contractors and subcontractors

One common dispute regarding workers' compensation benefits in Massachusetts is who is considered an employee and who is not. This is an important consideration when there is a person who is injured while working, and they need workers' compensation to determine if they are eligible for it. That eligibility can be a problem. In the state, an employee is a person who is in the service of another under any contract. That includes an oral contract, a written contract, express or implied.

Distracted driving continues to be a problem with new devices

Every driver, bicyclist and pedestrian in Massachusetts will undoubtedly have a story of encountering a distracted driver. The issue has become so prevalent that municipalities are seeking laws and new methods to put a stop to the practice. Similarly, companies that manufacture smartphones and other devices are trying to formulate ways to make it safer for use. Regardless, studies indicate that the dangers of distracted driving are real and can lead to a car collision with injuries and fatalities.

Worker falls down shaft in construction site accident

While workplace injuries can happen with any job in Massachusetts, jobs are more inherently dangerous than others. One that places workers at risk, no matter their caution and vigilance, is construction work. Because these jobs can leave workers so prone to injury, it is imperative that those who suffer injuries in a construction accident understand their rights to seek workers' compensation and perhaps, consider a legal filing for their injuries.

Failure to stop leads to trolley crashing into second trolley

Many residents of Massachusetts use the public transportation system to get around. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to do so. In general, it is also safe. However, there are times when there is an accident with one of these vehicles. These can be bus accidents, train accidents, and trolley accidents. One of the reasons this can happen is due to a failure to stop. When there is any kind of crash with a public transportation vehicle and passengers suffer injuries, it is imperative to understand the steps to take to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

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