Study shows car accident dangers of infotainment in vehicles

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Massachusetts drivers who are concerned about the increased number of people who are distracted by their smartphones behind the wheel should also be aware of other reasons why drivers might be distracted. These go beyond texting and driving and performing other activities on their phones. Given that failure to pay attention to the road can cause a car collision with the accompanying injuries and even fatalities, being cognizant of the various dangers with a distracted driver is essential. A new study has detailed a specific danger that was not thought to be a distraction, but a benefit.

A study by AAA has shown that infotainment technology that is now present in many vehicles is causing distractions to drivers. Two dozen people were recruited to drive 30 vehicles on the road as a test. While they drove, measurements were done to see how frequently they looked at a screen and needed to use cognitive ability as they made calls, sent texts, used it for navigation or for the radio. It was found that these advancements are still hard for the driver to operate while driving.

Looking away from the road for two seconds can double the potential of a car accident. Drivers who looked at their screen while performing various tasks were distracted for more than 40 seconds. Systems that required drivers to touch them and then use their voice to operate them were distracting. Cognitive and physical distractions can place drivers at risk. Vehicle companies have been informed of the possible risks of these infotainment systems.

When there is an auto accident, the commonality of drivers using their smartphones while driving makes it an automatic suspicion that a distracted driver was a cause of the crash. What people might not realize is that it is not only smartphones that are a cause of distraction. Systems that are meant to make driving easier can also lead to distraction. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a crash can face massive medical expenses, long-term damage, lost wages, funeral costs and other issues. A legal filing is often the only strategy to be compensated. A legal professional experienced in car accident cases can help with the investigation and filing a case.

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