Man dies in Massachusetts garbage truck accident while in yard

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Large trucks can be an intimidating sight in Massachusetts, and people must be cognizant of their presence on the road. When there is a truck accident, the sheer size of these vehicles can lead to serious injuries and death.

Garbage trucks are particularly dangerous because, since they are a constant presence on the city roadways and are seen so often, it is easy to forget how much damage they can do. What makes these crashes worse is if they can happen without warning when a person is least expecting it. Regardless of when and how it happens, it is imperative for those who are affected by it to think about their legal options.

A 62-year-old man died in a garbage truck accident. The incident occurred at approximately 9:30 a.m. What makes this accident unusual is that the man was working on the yard of a property he is part-owner of and the garbage truck hit him when the driver lost control of it. The victim had spent close to three decades working as a school psychologist. The truck also hit a utility pole. The driver was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

There are many different dangers with garbage trucks. Since they frequently make stops and starts, it can be difficult to gauge their speed and their intentions. Debris and other items might fall from the truck and cause an accident. There could be a crash as the vehicle is being driven recklessly by uncaring or reckless operators. It is possible that the driver is behaving with negligence and causes a collision. Since a truck accident can lead to injuries with the need for hospitalization, surgery and long-term care, it can cost a great deal of money in bills. There will also be lost time at work and other potential problems. If there is a fatality, the family who has lost a loved one will need to think about how they are going to make ends meet and move forward from the unexpected death.

In this accident, a man was in the yard of a property when a garbage truck went out of control, crashed into him and killed him. The victim was not on the road as a pedestrian or driver showing how these crashes can occur to anyone at any time. With the circumstances of this case still being investigated, it is imperative that his family consider a legal filing with assistance from a lawyer who is experienced in cases involving garbage trucks.

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