3 biking safety tips for rainy days

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Many drivers don’t expect to see cyclists on the roads, particularly when the weather is poor. If you cycle no matter what the weather is, you know that the mentality that no cyclists will be present has the potential to result in your injuries.

If you decide to ride in a summer storm, here are a few tips that can help keep you safe. While it’s important that drivers take responsibility, these tips can help you address the problem of rainy weather hazards so you don’t get into or cause a crash accidentally.

1. Keep visibility in mind

When the rain is pouring down and the winds kick up, many drivers struggle to see beyond a few feet in front of them. They focus hard on the roads to prevent a traffic accident, but that may mean not looking to the side where a cyclist may be riding. If the weather is particularly poor, it’s better to wait out the storm. If you can’t, make sure to wear bright colors and to use reflectors. If you have lights that flash, turn them on so that drivers recognize that you’re on the road.

2. Avoid puddles

Yes, that puddle looks harmless, but it could be a pot hole in disguise. When rain pours down, it hides lots of harmful damage to the roads, which could cause you to crash your bicycle. Try to go around puddles to prevent biking accidents.

3. Stop wearing a hood

Yes, the hood keeps the rain off your head and out of your helmet, but it also makes it harder for you to hear approaching vehicles. Listening for traffic is as important as looking for traffic in bad weather, so stay as alert as possible by avoiding anything that covers your ears or eyes.

These are a few tips for staying safe in wet weather conditions. Remember, drivers may not be expecting you on the roads, so be careful when you approach or ride near traffic.


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