Man charged with drunk driving in head-on collision

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When out driving in Worcester, there is an expectation that those sharing the road will adhere to the law and operate their vehicles safely. Unfortunately, there are times when drivers operate their vehicles recklessly, break the law by being a drunk driver, or take part in other dangerous behaviors that result in a car accident. When there is an auto accident, it can alter lives in a significant way with medical costs, a long hospital stay, problems getting back to normal, and even death. Often, legal assistance is the only method to be compensated to cover that which was lost.

A wrong-way auto accident led to a drunk driving charge for one driver and three others suffering serious injury. The accident occurred at around 3 a.m. as a 22-year-old man was going the wrong way on the road and had a head-on collision with a Honda Accord. The driver and his 23-year-old passenger suffered serious injuries and were hospitalized. In the other vehicle, a 19-year-old woman and a 21-year-old woman also suffered serious injuries. The wrong-way driver was placed under arrest and charged with multiple offenses related to the accident including DUI.

When there is an auto accident, the litany of problems that accompany it can affect a person’s entire life. Many harbor a misplaced belief that the insurance company will cover the costs of treatment and any other issue related to compensating those who were involved. The reality is that the insurance companies are most interested in their bottom line meaning that the fair and just treatment of victims is secondary. People who are hurt or who have lost a loved one in a crash need to protect themselves with legal assistance for the investigation and beyond.

In this accident, a man who is accused of being a drunk driver went into the wrong lanes of the road and had a head-on collision with another vehicle. Two people in the other vehicle were seriously hurt. As the case moves forward, they must make sure to protect themselves by discussing the matter with an attorney as soon as possible.

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