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April 2017 Archives

Suing the employer in workplace injuries cases

Workers in Massachusetts are afforded many protections. There are certain laws in place that are intended to protect workers from suffering unnecessary harm at the workplace. However, accidents do still occur. These range in severity. Some are minor, only causing the worker to miss a few days of work, while others are more serious, resulting in long-term disabilities. In most cases, workers' compensation insurance is available to those who suffer serious injuries on the job. Workers' compensation is meant to preclude a lawsuit against one's employer.

Proof of loss in nursing home negligence

One of the biggest decisions family members in Massachusetts may make is choosing to move a loved one into a nursing home. When the choice is made, it is often done so with a lot of planning and consideration. However, no matter the amount of planning that goes into it, there can still be instances where medical professionals working in nursing homes act negligently. Nursing home negligence can have devastating consequences and can result in injuries. In the worst-case scenarios, fatal injuries may occur. When this happens, victims and their families have rights.

The 'going and coming' rule in workers' compensation cases

There are many jobs that Massachusetts residents can work in order to make a living. Some of them, of course, are more dangerous than others. For instance, someone working construction is likely putting themselves at greater risk on a daily basis than someone who works in an office on a computer all day. However, an accident can occur in any work environment, regardless of the level of danger involved. When this happens, victims have rights. They may be able to obtain workers' compensation.

A look at bus accident lawsuits

Many Massachusetts residents prefer to take the bus to work. For many, it is a convenient solution that can help them save money. Buses also allow people to not have to worry about driving and all of the hassles that can come with owning a car. Many, too, may consider buses to be a safer alternative to other forms of transport.

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